Are you young kids full of energy and you are trying to find ways to keep them nicely busy? Be assertive in keeping your young children busy.

Children are wonderful, fascinating and restless explorers and they are always looking for something new and fun thing to do.

We simply don’t welcome the idea of them spending too much time in front of the television or being hypnotised by playing video games.


The good thing is that there are many creative ways to keep them busy with positive activities. As parents, we aim to provide them with engaging and educational activities that help them to develop their gross and fine motor skills, eyes and body coordination and their great imagination.

Fortunately,  in spite of all the fancy and modern toys and electronic devices, children seem to be always attracted to the most simple things that we simply can’t understand it.

No doubt, children react to the way new things are presented to them, enthusiasm and discovering are very important factors to get the children’s interest.

Fortunately, you can get your toddler or young children to do multiple fun activities with a simple tuff/activity tray that is big enough for one or up to 8 children.

You can use this tray indoors or outdoors and one of the best things is that it can be used any time of the year. This tray doesn’t take much space and you can really place it anywhere around the house. You can even be cooking and put in a suitable corner.

The tray is very easy to put together and set it apart, you can adjust the tray to three different highs to suit the children and be comfortable playing,

you can even put on the floor if needed.  You can easily clean this tough plastic tray as well as its steel stand with non-scratch plastic feet and it only requires a small place to store it away.

You can get this multi-uses and practical tray + stand in fantastic colours for you to choose from.

There are endless ways to use this fantastic activity tray as some of the examples below:

Water Play:

You can place a plastic mat under the activity tray and then full the tray with water and plastic boats toys, small fish toys and other sea creatures. You will be amazed by how appealing this activity is for children and how/ low they spend playing there. You can even take the time to do some fun counting with them as well as colours revision and sizes. How many boats are there?. How many blue boats do you have there? Which colours is the smallest fish in there? etc..

This activity can be varied with so many different things according to what you would like you, child, to be doing. You can make playdough by simply spreading plain flour on the tray, a little bit of salt, sunflower oil and water. You can add different colours of paint to the mixture of playdough as well as adding colourful numbers of toys. Abc, animals, etc…You may like to be asking you, child, please find me the number “1”, please find me letter “b” etc…

Messy Play

Maybe next time you would like to put several bottles with different non-toxic watercolour colours of paint and invite your children to pour the different paints on the tray. Let them have the time of their lives by feeling the paint and its texture in their little hands running through their fingers while mixing the colours and of course “making a big mess” and yes! that’s why this’s call “Messing Play”. If you like to turn the activity into a more educational version this’s a good opportunity again to review colours and numbers. How many colours did you mix? Which colours did you put in there? etc…Most children love to add glitter to the paint mixture as well as making a fantastic painting on blank paper.

Sand Play,

Yes, children love playing for hours and hour on the sand, and this’s great as they are keeping themselves busy and enjoying filling and emptying cups of sand.

We all know how much children like building sand castles using all plastic toys to add amusement to the activity. Of course, children love adding to any mixture anything that is at their reach and in this case to the sand to make the experience more exciting. You can let them add some animals of the desert to the enjoyable activity as well as little cars and tractors. Needless to say that in every activity there’s the opportunity to subtlely review any educational points, like in this case, the name of the animals, their sizes, quantities, colours, etc…

Amazing Sensorial Play

Corn Flour is an awesome way to keep children occupied and entertained. All it requires is to spread the cornflour all around the tray letting the children doing it as well as some water. Children then, can mix the flour and water together and experience the texture of it by magically being surprised of the solid and liquid texture at a touch. Children can be invited to add some paint to the mixture to make it more attractive. Children will be long time engaged in doing this, that’s for sure!

More Sensorial Play “2”

You can prepare the tray with great different colourful gelly for the children to explore and to feel its texture, smell, and by recognising the substances, liquid, solid, etc. You can add some kitchen toys for them to play filling and emptying all sorts of containers. Of course, later on, the children can add all sorts of stuff, like glitter, confetti, etc

Another Messy Play!, Another Successful and Outstanding Fun Activity! You can also add plain flour with baby oil letting your child mixing the ingredients, or baby shampoo mixed with water and ask your, toddler, to wash his toys and make lovely bubbles.  e sure they will love the cooked spaghetti to play with especially if you add different food colour to them. What about simply filling the whole tray with multi-colour balls and let your young child to separate them by colours and to count them.


Mainly you can use this tray in many creative ways for your child to be engaged in developing his educational skill at the same time that having great quality spent time with you.!

This Superb Multi-activity Tray is priced at an affordable price and can be delivered to your home by clicking the image below.

Be assured by getting this tray that you are making the right choice to guaranty your child’s well spent time and your peace of mind seeing your child learning and playing. This can be the perfect gift for your young child, for yourself and everybody else that would like to make to be assertive in keeping young children busy.

You can even get the specially designed mats for the tray with a specific topic if you wish to intensify the play and fun learning.!







Livier Radford

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