Sometimes our children can be very active looking for new ways to play and enjoy themselves.

We know that we try to do our best to keep them busy spending quality time with them. Our busy agenda and domestic duties seem to challenge us to make the time to take our children to parks, sporty activities and endless children clubs.

However, no matter how many activities our children may attend they are always ready for something else to do. That can be sometimes exhausting but at the same time that is the beauty of having children ready to enjoy the best of what life has to offer.

We may like our children to play more on their own and use their wonderful imagination to entertain themselves for longer periods of time.

Our modern society is fascinated with huge and speedy digital developments in most areas of our daily activities. So, our children regardless of their age can be tempted to spend more time playing video games, be in front of the television or use a tablet for the same purpose.

Some of the best activities for them to encourage their creative are without a doubt “Painting, Drawing and Construction games”. Most children love painting and drawing because is a way for them to express themselves as well as when they play with construction games.

This fantastic playhouse made from cardboard is just fantastic for children to do those fun activities because it allows them to be creative. Besides, this activity is so enjoyable for them from the minute they start putting it, just like a big puzzle.

Children can really get excited about building the playhouse and helping to identify the


For some reason, children love to be inside confined and cosy places as their own secret hiding paradise, so they will simply love building their own special place.

This physical activity promotes the development of children’s body and eyes coordination as well as their fine and gross motor skills.

Children will love painting and decorating the inside and outside of the wendy house, once this is built. This activity is very attractive for children knowing that they have the freedom to decorate and paint their house as they wish.

Another great advance of this cardboard house is that once the children have finished painting it, they can re-use it again by painting it all over in one single colour, eg, white, blue, pink, etc.

Having a plain canvas allows children to repeat the multicolour painting and drawing activity.

The chubby paint markers in the image below permit children to do this activity without wasting much paint and without making much mess. Equally, this can be a fantastic messy activity and very good for children to explore and feel the texture of the paint


Surely, children can use any type of paint, crayons, markets to do this activity.

This special wendy house can be let put for children to enjoy as it doesn’t take much space. Unsurprisingly, children will spend a great deal of time playing with it.

The storage of the playhouse can be anywhere as it can easily fold back in its box or practically anywhere.

If the cardboard house gets torn apart children can be encouraged to repair it putting it back together with sticky tape all over it.

Be assured that this great and affordable cardboard house is a great buy as it can be used in multiple ways. There is a variety of cardboard shapes, such a castle, car, etc.

You can find it in craft cardboard or in a more resistant and durable version, either way, children will enjoy the experience of play with it.

Certainly, this is just a simple but effective activity for children to be encouraged to be creative while having great fun. 

This can be the perfect birthday gift for children.

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Livier Radford

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