Amazing Metaphysical Gift of Quartz Stones to enhance any lifestyle.

Use the healing properties other amazing benefits of Quartz Stones to Enhance your life.

Today it seems to be more people interested in finding a more balanced lifestyle and scape of being pressurised by the constant modern demands of our lifestyle.

We all aim to live happier as well as being physical, mentally, and emotionally healthier. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve our own wellbeing.

There are many facilities at hand available for us to keep us in good mental and physical shape such as Reiki, taichi, yoga, and other active sports.

These wellbeing practices are excellent in contributing to our self-development and to connect to our higher-self.

Apart from religious beliefs that people have or may not have, there other things that many people believe when looking for help, protection, good luck, and other specific purposes.

Some people believe in amulets, talismans, and in other exotic objects and practices.

Nowadays, there seem to be more and more people interested in spiritual development and in expanding their knowledge about the cosmos and human energy fields.

Besides, it has been a staggering number of energy and esoteric healers, in conjunction with a vast number of people with the knowledge of how the human chakras function, and how to align the human body with their range of frequencies.

All positive methods that we may use to find calm and peace in our lives are great if they work for us.

There so many other people that practice “Crystals Healing”, with amazing results.

Using Quartz stones to enhance your life and you will see the incredible and empowering results.

There is a lot of polemic about the properties of these beautiful Quartz stones that can be found in various natural colours. According to multiple publications, these stone have been highly appreciated since ancient times and people used to believe in their extraordinary almost magical healing powers.

There are many countries where you can find “Quarz” stones. The prices are regularly increasing due to the demand of people who believe in their amazing healing and Metaphysical properties but Quartz stones are still affordable.

Many of the electronics industry uses Quartz for multiple purposes, such as transforming and transmitting energies, controlling frequencies, converting voltages, among other important functions.

Many electronics devices function with oscillators of Quartz stones, among many of them, there are the hand watches which work with incredible precision.

Quartz stones can be found in various colours as well as crystalline clear or milky white.

A big selection of books and publications are available about the properties and the meanings of each colour of the Quartz stones, and their specific properties, and the purpose to use them.

There are also many different versions of these meaning for each of the stone’s colours.

However, the credibility of the amazing healing power and protective properties of Quartz seemed to be more and more recognised and accepted.

A random example can be that, we may use the bleach to clean and disinfect certain objects or places, as we all know of its properties to do it.

The example of using bleach for a specific purpose without knowing exactly all the properties it contains is similar to the Quartz Stones. We may not necessarily know how about their properties and how they work, but they do work.

Many people used them and get amazing positive results. We may not understand much about this mineral stones but the benefits they provide are just awesome, and stunning.

For instance, having a green Quartz stone at home ensures good health, especially when we are sleeping and place one of them next to our pillow. The green stone will also provide us with powerful energy and keep us completely away from any illnesses.

When you feel unwell just get a green Quartz stone and hold it in your hand for as long as possible or put it next to the affected area that needs healing.

You would be the surprise of the way they will restore your health in a natural and beyond believe way.

The Pink stone resonates with

unconditional pure love and positivism anywhere you decide to put it. (Ideally at home, office, or in every room of the family members) it also brings deep calm, serenity and joy.


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The purple Quartz releases anxiety bringing emotional stability and security, as well as warm Armony.

The amber/yellow Quartz brings financial  Wealth and  attracts professional opportunities

The brown Quarts intensifies personal confidence and assertiveness.

Blue Quartz helps us to enhance our communications skills with others and with our own divine soul. They do also make us feel self-confident and self-assured.

Dark orange Quartz helps to stimulate our creativity and passion for the things we love doing or would love to do in the future.

The crystalline/ clear Quartz has the most properties of all the rest of the Quartz stones. The crystalline/clear Quartz increases and amplifies the energies and properties of any of the other quartz stones with colour.

Clear Quartz has the property of relieving physical pain, and help to get rid of stress. Besides, it gives us great shifts of Positive energy and Vitality.

To protect ourselves from any harmful electronic radiations, we need to place a clear stone next to the computer, mobile phone, and any other electronic device that we are not even aware is adversely affecting us.

You can wear any subtle bracelet or necklace to protect you from any bad energies anywhere you may go. The inexplicable good feeling you may experience will be just overwhelming.

You can place a Pink Quartz, green, purple, brown, and clear one in each room of our family members, or simply one single set in the main part of the house. You will notice more positive changes at home or anywhere else you decide to place them.

Some people carry small Quarts with them everywhere they go, even in the car as they help us to relieve the stress of traffic among other possible issues.

Placing a crystalline or milky white Quartz inside your home or office by the front entrance will immediately make the place welcoming and calm. Quartz just make us feel happier for no apparent reason for, improving our well-being!

Clear Quartz, as well as the other quartz stones, absorb all the negative energies of people, and of any environment, we may place them.

The Quartz stones are very beautiful and decorative. This can also be the perfect gift you were looking for that special person you love so much.

Every 3 to 4 weeks the Quartz stones need to be submerged in a large bowl of salted water. They need to be there for at least 3 to 4 hours (ideally overnight) to cleanse them of all the negative energies they have absorbed.

You can rise them afterwards with clear water.

Give this thoughtful gift to that special person that will be just delighted to have it and will highly appreciate it.

Fortunately, you can get Quartz in various sizes, and in different versions, such as the products listed here in this post. You just need to click on the image to take you to the online store “Amazon”.                                                   

You will be surprised by the results you will get with the Quartz Stones!  it’s simply hard to believe in the wonderful properties of these Fascinating Stones.

Livier Radford

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