Quick Solution for a new Shower/Bath

Perfect Solution if you need a new shower or bathtub fitted quickly.

Are you thinking about getting an additional shower or bathtub for your home and you need it quickly done?

You may like to consider installing an incredible and highly practical pre-fabricated shower or bath cabins to suit your needs. You may be nicely surprised by the results.

These units can be fitted anywhere you need an additional private shower or bath as they can be built in small spaces; You can add it to a bedroom, bathroom, spare room, etc…

There’s an attractive, modern, and elegant variety of models, sizes, shapes, materials, and quality. Although these enclosure units are incredibly affordable, choosing a quality one is crucial to ensure the durability and cost-effective use of it.

Most of the units have 5 to 10 years guaranty.

You can find most of them with multiple features such as FM radio, steam generator, hydro body massage jets, LED lights in relaxing colours and a digital control panel.

Cleaning the shower or bath enclosures is a  very easy task as it’s very easy to maintain it clean.

This’s really a very straight forward procedure to have a new shower and bathtub cabin quick and efficiently, this only takes 1 day to have the unit installed.

This can be done accurately without messy construction works and at a fraction of the cost of fitting in a conventional shower or bathtub.  One of the multiple advantages of these units is that they are very durable and can also be fitted in your existing bathroom by simply connecting it to the closest hot and cold water pipes.

The unit is delivered dismantled in large pallets with clear detailed instructions to put it together. There is also a kit with all the additional accessories.  Usually, one single man can carry out this work.

You need to hire a professional Plomer that can do the whole work for you, to build the unit, to connect it to the water supply and to install the electrical features.

You and your family may be just amazingly delighted with the efficiency, elegance and worth of value of this unit. This also may be the ideal solution for having an additional shower or bathtub installed in your home or business premises within days and it can be the perfect gift for him, her, for the family and everyone else.

These units most definitely enhance the look of any room.

No doubt you will be able to relax and have a tranquillity time in this unit enjoying all the comforts and delights of its great features.



Livier Radford

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